Infograph Tid Bit

Infographs are a creative way to explain a process or show data.  Even the most conservative audiences tire of paragraphs and bulletpoints.  It’s healthy to have fun every once in a while, even if it’s with data.

With infographs, you could create valuable content to share on….well…anything you can put content on.  Facebook, Twitter, blogs, newsletters, anything.

Content can be created through a variety of different platforms and programs.  Don’t worry, there are resources available for all skill levels.  You don’t have to be an Adobe wizard.

I created one just for this blog and it was pretty easy! I used and it’s pretty much drag and drop.  This site has plenty of free options and is very easy to navigate.  Check it out below.

How to Become Famous

Like every other creative, just be sure to keep an open mind.

Happy designing!


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